April 13, 8:30am – 4:00pm @ Lakeview Church

We often feel caught as we comply with how our world operates. Superior alternatives seem out of reach as oppressive systems have their way with us. It’s the New World Disorder: the loser must keep losing for the winners to keep winning. It is for this reason that Jesus calls his followers to establish kingdom outposts wherever they find themselves, by dismantling and overhauling worldviews, social structures and relationships.

Inspired by Ephesians 6 and Paul’s claim that our battle is not against flesh and blood, we will seek to answer the question: how can the Church exist as a distinct faith community that does not succumb to the powers that surround her, but instead offers a different way of being amidst the powers?

Join us for “Survival of the Weakest: Amidst the Powers” as we discuss and examine God’s mission to renew all things.

April 13, 2013 at Lakeview Church, Saskatoon.

8:30am – 4:00pm.



Will Willimon

Will Willimon, co-author of “Resident Aliens”

An elder in the United Methodist Church, Professor Willimon served as the dean of Duke Chapel and Professor of Christian Ministry at Duke University for 20 years. He returned to Duke after serving as the UMC Bishop of the North Alabama Conference from 2004 to 2012. Willimon is the author of 60 books. More than a million copies of his books have been sold. His articles have appeared in many publications including Theology Today, Interpretation, Liturgy, Worship, and Christianity Today.

Levi the Poet

Levi the Poet, XXXChurch, Artist Church

Levi is a spoken word artist and a speaker on behalf of XXXChurch. Based in New Mexico, he has been touring touring full-time for four years, performing poems, sharing stories, talking about life and the reason he has to live it.

headshot of eugene cho

Eugene Cho

Eugene is the founding and lead pastor of Quest and the executive director of Q Cafe. He’s also the founder of One Day’s Wages, a non-profit organization focused on global poverty. Born in South Korea, he immigrated to the U.S. at age six and grew up in San Francisco. He and his wife, Minhee, have been married 14+ years and have three children. He studied psychology and theater at UC Davis and received his theological degree at Princeton Seminary. Eugene and some of his work have been covered through various media including the New York Times, Seattle Times, and NPR. You can read his full story here. Connect with Eugene: His Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Father Andre

Fr. Andre Poilievre

Father Andre was trained in the area of Adult Education. After attending 4 different universities, he was involved in adult education programs in Saskatoon. He also worked for 5 years for Arctic Cooperatives where he developed and implemented training programs for Inuit and Dene management trainees in native owned co-operative enterprises. Currently, he is working as a street worker, with the STR8UP organisation, which is a group of ex-gang member recovering from native street gang domination.

Willard Metzger

Willard Metzger

Willard is the Executive Director of the Mennonite Church in Canada. He is eager to engage with leaders, congregations, students, youth, young adults and business entrepreneurs to share in the task of shaping the Mennonite Church in Canada. He has traveled to over 50 countries, served as a pastor for two decades, and had extensive experience speaking to Canadian churches across a wide diversity of Christian expression. He recently co-authored a book entitled Going Missional (with Karen Stiller).

Terry LeBlanc, My People International

Terry LeBlanc, My People International

Terry LeBlanc is Mi’kmaq/Acadian and has been active in community-based, grassroots ministry for more than 30 years. He is the director of My People International as well as founding chair and current director of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS). The ministry’s core focus is training, equipping and otherwise building the capacity of indigenous people to give effective leadership in their homes, communities and places of faith.


Eileen Klassen Hamm

Eileen Klassen Hamm and Dave Pauls both work for Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan. Eileen focuses on program and Dave on communications and donor relations. Whether here at home or around the world, they are on the look out for encounters of compassion and hospitality in the face of pain and discrimination, stories of life in the midst of violence, stories of hope in despairing times

Luke Heidebrecht

Luke Heidebrecht

Luke is currently serving and teaching at Bethany College where he enjoys exploring alongside students how to re-shape the Christian imagination of the Church and its witness in the world. He is in the midst of a thesis that is much too full of ideas about Christian evangelism, liturgy, creativity, and the role of art as a prophetic tool.

Jakob Palm

Jakob Palm

Jakob Palm is a 31 year old from Sweden. Growing up with the Christian faith in his home some internal revolution was bound to happen. But revolution only lasts so long. By Gods grace, revelation followed. He started to study theology at St Elias School of Orthodox Theology and he received a call to become the parish priest at Holy Covenant Evangelical Orthodox Church in Saskatoon, Canada. He moved from Sweden, was ordained to the priesthood in November 2011 and now lives that vocation with his communion of people, with a high focus on living ancient prayer and a high emphasis on bringing justice to the oppressed both locally and globally.

Dan Bremnes

Dan Bremnes

In 2010, Dan released his first full-length album ‘Your Strength’ which received a SIX (CGMA) Nominations including ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year.’ His poetic and attention- grasping style of music has also gained radio play across Canada, managing to chart three times on the CCRC (Top 30 Canadian Christian Radio Countdown) One of the tracks ‘You Are’ received an award from the ‘International Songwriting Competition’ as well as a finalist position in the ‘John Lennon Songwriting Competition’. Dan continues to push his own musical boundaries and inspires audiences who hear him.

Leighton and Carol Tebay

Leighton & Carol Tebay

Leighton and Carol Tebay serve in a simple church community in Saskatoon. Leighton is one of the founding leaders of the SeedLife Network, a five-year old informal association of simple churches with groups in Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Leighton has personally supported people with a range of addictions, mental health disorders and experiences of abuse. Leighton also helped create a low-cost alternative seminary called the Academy of Discipleship and developed a website to help people in spiritually abusive churches at CoveringAndAuthority.com. Both Leighton and Carol are self-employed. Leighton is an IT consultant and Carol is an event planner.

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  • Group of 5+

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8:00 Doors Open
8:30 Worship in Song with Daniel Slade
8:50 Intro
9:00 Main Session with Eugene Cho
9:45 Break
9:55 Lab 1
10:45 Break
10:55 Lab 2
11:45 Lunch


12:45 Story & Song with Dan Bremnes
1:05 Main Session with Levi the Poet
1:50 Break
2:00 Lab 3
2:50 Break
3:00 Main Session with Will Willimon
3:45 Benediction
4:00 Depart