Below is a list of projects we’ve worked on.  If you are interested in any of the audio files for this please e-mail [email protected].

2006 – The Evolving Church (Conference in Toronto, ON)
Guests: Brian Mclaren, Chris Seay, Donald Miller, Jared Seibert, Brian Walsh, Pernell Goodyear, Domenic Ruso, George Sweetman, Braden Douglas, Beth Veale

2007 – The Evolving Church – Restoring Justice (Conference in Toronto, ON)
Guests: Shane Claiborne, Jim Wallis, Ron Sider, Dan Oudshoorn, Greg Paul, Dion Oxford, Rick Tobias, Tim Huff, Sandra Ryan, David Fitch, Marv Friesen, Art & Trudy Hildebrand, Jeremy Laidlaw, Ann Woolger Bell, Sylvia Keesmaat, Lorna Maracle-Dodge

2009 – The Evolving Church – Amidst the Powers (Conference in Toronto, ON)
Guests: Walter Wink, Stanley Hauerwas, Marva Dawn, Annie Bruce, Craig Carter, Bruxy Cavey, Bishop Keith Elford, David Fitch, Leanne Frieson, Wendy Gritter, Sylvia Keesmaat, Bishop Mark MacDonald, Dan Oudshoorn, Ingrid Heinrichs Paul, Joanne L. Rudnick, June Keener Wink, Jared Seibert, Brian Walsh, Derek Webb

2010 – The Evolving Church – Kingdom Economy (Conference in Toronto, ON)
Guests: Brennan Manning, J Kameron Carter, William Cavanaugh, David Dark, Becky Garrison, Shawn Groves, Joyce Rees, Chris Seay, Loren Wilkenson, Valerie Michaelson

2011 – Eighth Letter (Conference in Toronto, ON)
Guests: Shane Claiborne, Andy Crouch, Wendy Gritter, Peter Rollins, Leonard Sweet, Makoto Fujimura, Janell Anema, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Aileen VanGinkel, Sarah Lance, Ron Sider, Recipe Poetry Group, Samantha Goodyear, Cyril Guerette, James Shelley, Rachel Evans, Tim Challies, Jason Hildebrand, Walter Breuggemann, Tim Arnold, Donna Dong

2012 – Letters to a Future Church: Words of Encouragement and Prophetic Appeals (paperback)

2012 – Survival of the Weakest (Conference in Saskatoon, SK)
Guests: Shane Claiborne, Ron Sider, Leonard Sweet

2013 – Survival of the Weakest (Conference in Saskatoon, SK)
Guests: William Willimon, Levi the Poet, Eugene Cho, Fr. Andre Poilievre, Willard Metzger, Terry LeBlanc, Luke Heidebrecht, Jakob Palm, Dan Bremnes, Leighton & Carol Tebay