And We Will Become A Happy Ending

Regular EditionĀ (Soft Cover) $25.00 Purchase Direclty from Amazon The local church has rendered itself obsolete and no one cares, nor should they. With misplaced agendas and forgotten manners, the church’s antics threaten to put Jesus to death for a second … Continued

2013 is going to be a good year.

Hi all, we’re planning some sweet things for 2013 that we’re getting pretty excited about. As you may have noticed, we’re heading to Saskatoon in April. We were there last year and if this year’s event is at all similar, … Continued

Letters to a Future Church

We ran a sweet conference called Eighth Letter. From that conference we took all the brilliant letters that people wrote to the church in North America and put them in a book. That book is published and you can buy … Continued