And We Will Become A Happy Ending


Regular Edition (Soft Cover)

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The local church has rendered itself obsolete and no one cares, nor should they. With misplaced agendas and forgotten manners, the church’s antics threaten to put Jesus to death for a second time.

Recognizing the mess they helped create, a very small group of people decided to set their intentions on re-ordering what is out of order—starting with themselves. “…And We Will Become a Happy Ending” is a collection of stories and sayings, ponderings and pictures that describe a church called theStory, and why she gives a damn about the blue collar beach town she calls home.

Highly theological yet unmistakably grounded, the book contains no recipes or prescriptions for success. Ferociously local, the ideas therein would be next to impossible to reproduce in another context yet remain highly contagious nonetheless. Author Joe Manafo confesses “I wrote this book on behalf of theStory and primarily for our friends and neighbourhoods. That said, if you have a love/hate relationship with the church like we do, our take just might be the good news you’ve been hoping for.”

“…And We Will Become a Happy Ending” is available on for $25, or in Special Edition format at for $30 which includes a 7″ vinyl record containing hymns arranged, performed and recorded by members of theStory. All proceeds from book sales go to back to supporting the work of theStory.

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